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Farscape Episode 74: I Shrink Therefore I Am

Recorded December 18, 2013 While Crichton and Noranti are away, Moya is boarded by a group of bounty hunters who easily imprison the crew. Crichton and Scorpius must work together to fight them before Moya ends up in the hands of the Scarrans. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. Time – 46:44 min. / …

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Farscape Episode 59: Infinite Possibilities Part II

Recorded August 31, 2013 The Ancient helps John construct a device to destroy a Scarran Dreadnought to prevent them from leaving with wormhole technology. Furlow, only motivated by commercial interests, steals the device. John reclaims it but is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation in the process. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. …

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