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BTBaTB Ep 52: The Malicious Mr. Mind

Recorded May 18, 2016 Dr. Sivana brings together the Monster Society of Evil to take on Batman and the Marvel Family. However, a mysterious villain has plans of his owns to turn the Marvels against each other. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 39:38 min. / File Size – 19mb Subscribe via …

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BTBaTB Ep 22: The Last Bat on Earth!

Recorded September 16, 2015 After performing a death-defying escape with Mister Miracle, Batman follows Gorilla Grodd into the future, where intelligent animals rule, and teams up with the Last Boy on Earth, Kamandi, to stop Grodd. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 29:10 min. / File Size – 14mb Subscribe via RSS …

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BTBaTB Ep 7: Dawn of the Deadman!

Recorded February 18, 2015 After joining forces with Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth, Batman returns to the present to team up with Deadman to battle Gentleman Ghost and his army of reanimated criminal corpses. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 36:35 min. / File Size – 18mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe …

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