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Farscape Episode 20: The Hidden Memory

Recorded October 31, 2012 After a partial recovery, Aeryn leads Zhaan and D’Argo to the Gammak Base to rescue Crichton. At the base, Gilina does her best to help Crichton who is being repeatedly subjected to the Aurora Chair by Scorpius and Crais. Elsewhere, Chiana and Rygel have problems of their own when the pregnant …

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Farscape Episode 19: Nerve

Recorded October 24, 2012 When an injury threatens to kill Aeryn, Crichton and Chiana travel undercover to a nearby Peacekeeper base to obtain a tissue transplant, and are aided by an old friend. Base leader Scorpius penetrates Crichton’s disguise and subjects him to an interrogation device called the Aurora Chair. – From Wikipedia Email Eric …

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Farscape Episode 7: PK Tech Girl

Recorded August 1, 2012 The hulk of the legendary Peacekeeper ship, the Zelbinion, holds a pleasant surprise for Crichton, but Rygel must confront the time spent on the ship where he was tortured by the sadistic commander Captain Durka, while the crew work to reactivate the ship’s shields to defend themselves from an attack. – …

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