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Episode 308: G.I. Joe – The Movie

Episode 308: G.I. Joe – The Movie

Recorded Dec 08, 2022 The heroic G.I. Joe action force must oppose the ruthless Cobra organization that has secretly allied with a subterranean reptilian people who were their founders. – From IMDB Email Eric or Joe. Time – 66:35 min. / File Size – 48mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes

BTBaTB Ep 41: Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

Recorded February 10, 2016 Batman and the Outsiders defeat Cobra in the opening. The Silver Age Flash is dead, and his Rogues Gallery has come to take over Central City. Batman teams up with the Flash’s predecessor and successor to defend the city, but a villainous speedster plans to defeat them all. – From TV.com …

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