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Farscape Episode 8: That Old Black Magic

Recorded August 8, 2012 On a commerce planet, Crichton finds himself lured into an alternate reality controlled by Maldis, a being who feeds off negative energy. He is pitted against Crais in a fight to the death, leaving Zhaan to tap into her old darkness to try and help him. – From Wikipedia Email Eric …

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Farscape Episode 7: PK Tech Girl

Recorded August 1, 2012 The hulk of the legendary Peacekeeper ship, the Zelbinion, holds a pleasant surprise for Crichton, but Rygel must confront the time spent on the ship where he was tortured by the sadistic commander Captain Durka, while the crew work to reactivate the ship’s shields to defend themselves from an attack. – …

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Farscape Episode 6: Thank God it’s Friday, Again

Recorded July 25, 2012 D’Argo, after threatening the crew with Luxan hyper-rage, is later found docile and happy on a planet and decides to stay. Crichton discovers that the planet’s food contains a drug and with the help of a small band of rebels immune to its effects, must determine a way to convince the …

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Farscape Episode 5: Back and Back and Back to the Future

Recorded July 18, 2012 The crew comes across a ship that is molecularly destabilizing. D’Argo makes everyone bring the ship’s escape pod aboard when he discovers that the ship’s passengers are Ilanics, long-time allies of the Luxans. Aboard the escape pod, Crichton gets a shock and starts experiencing strange visions of the future, first of …

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Farscape Episode 4: Throne for a Loss

Recorded July 11, 2012 Rygel’s plot to appear regal backfires when he, along with a much needed part of Moya’s propulsion system, are snatched by Tavlecs who possess drug-dispensing power gauntlets. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. Time – 37:49 min. / File Size – 19mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes