October 2015 archive

BTBaTB Ep 23: When OMAC Attacks!

Recorded September 23, 2015 After resolving an intergalactic war with the aid of Hawk and Dove, Batman teams up with OMAC against Shrapnel while the architect of balance, Equinox, observes and tries to convince Batman to stay out of the battle. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 40:03 min. / File Size …

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BTBaTB Ep 22: The Last Bat on Earth!

Recorded September 16, 2015 After performing a death-defying escape with Mister Miracle, Batman follows Gorilla Grodd into the future, where intelligent animals rule, and teams up with the Last Boy on Earth, Kamandi, to stop Grodd. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 29:10 min. / File Size – 14mb Subscribe via RSS …

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BTBaTB Ep 21: Duel of the Double Crossers!

Recorded September 9, 2015 Jonah Hex is recruited by Mongul to bring new warriors to War World. The bounty hunter of the Old West crosses paths with the Dark Knight and, after a change of heart, teams up to take down a violent empire and find a way back to his own time. But first, …

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