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Wonderfalls Ep 13: Caged Bird

Recorded December 21, 2016 The Tylers evaluate their relationships as Karen and Darren start to prepare for their wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, Jaye, Sharon, mouth-breather, and the local security guard get held hostage at Wonderfalls, by a bank robber on the run. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 55:03 min. / File Size …

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Wonderfalls Ep 12: Totem Mole

Recorded December 14, 2016 Jaye, Sharon and Mahandra visit a nearby Indian reservation, where the spirit of a dead grandmother sends all three of them on a new path towards easing Jaye’s burden. Aaron and Jaye continue on this path and hilarity ensues. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 35:45 min. / …

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Wonderfalls Ep 11: Cocktail Bunny

Recorded December 7, 2016 As Eric and Heidi’s marriage tries to get back on track, Jaye spirals wildly out of control as the muses convince her that she must “Save Him From Her”, save him from the fact that someone is going to murder him. To deal with things, she visits the family’s therapist. – …

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Wonderfalls Ep 10: Lying Pig

Recorded November 23, 2016 Heidi, Eric’s wife, shows up and wreaks havoc on his relationship with Jaye. Meanwhile, fed up with the muses, Jaye convinces her brother to take all the talking animals from her. Jaye’s mom goes out on a date and everything comes to a head. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. …

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Wonderfalls Ep 9: Safety Canary

Recorded November 16, 2016 Jaye and Eric, now officially dating delve a little deeper into their relationships. But Jaye, under the influence of the muses, snaps a photo of 2 birds which sets in motion a bird napping, a brother and best friend challenging, Jaye questioning her relationship with Eric and a zoologist and janitor’s …

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