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Wonderfalls Ep 8: Lovesick Ass

Recorded November 9, 2016 As Jaye and Eric verbally spar over their relationship, or more precisely, lack of one, they encounter and help a Russian mail order bride, Katya, and Peter the 12 year old that ordered her. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 32:08 min. / File Size – 16mb Subscribe …

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Wonderfalls Ep 7: Barrel Bear

Recorded November 2, 2016 An old celebrity, Millie Markus, drops into town to reminisce about being the first woman to ride in a barrel over the falls and survive. Only, she wasn’t. Her friend, Vivian, the real one who went over the falls, calls her bluff. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – …

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Wonderfalls Ep 6: Muffin Buffalo

Recorded October 26, 2016 Jaye performs an unethical act to her neighbor, proposed by the animals, of hiding her checks. She also continues to make her photo album of her neighbor “Fat Pat” grow. Ultimately, the awful acts improves the lives of a few of her neighbors. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time …

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Wonderfalls Ep 5: Crime Dog

Recorded October 19, 2016 When Jaye’s brother sees her talking to inanimate objects, he begins to question her state of mind; the animals help Jaye reunite her family with the housekeeper who was deported thanks to Sharon. Meanwhile, while trying to get the maid back, Jaye finds herself in legal trouble. – From TV.com Email …

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Wonderfalls Ep 4: Wound-Up Penguin

Recorded October 12, 2016 Jaye and Eric find a woman in the Barrel, who they discover is a nun that is trying to leave her abbey. A priest comes looking for her to try to convince her to come back, but isn’t very successful in doing so. Jaye naturally gets wrapped up in it, and …

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