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BTBaTB Ep 43: Menace of the Madniks!

Recorded March 2, 2016 When Booster Gold uses time time travel to go back in time and visit his currently-deceased friend, the Silver Age Blue Beetle, he throws the timestream into chaos and needs Batman’s help to resolve things. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 42:16 min. / File Size – 21mb …

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BTBaTB Ep 30: Aquaman’s Outrageous Adventure!

Recorded November 25, 2015 Aquaman inadvertently finds trouble while going on vacation with his son and wife, and is forced to rescue Batman from the Penguin. First, however, Batman must travel back in time to join forces with Enemy Ace against an alien invader. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 37:11 min. …

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BTBatB Ep 29: Revenge of the Reach!

Recorded November 18, 2015 The Reach, a race of alien invaders, have a connection to the Blue Beetle’s scarab, that may prove the key to the hero, Batman, and the Green Lantern Corps defeating them. Meanwhile, the Challengers of the Unknown explore a meteorite, only to fall under an alien influence. – From TV.com Email …

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BTBaTB Ep 24: The Fate of Equinox

Recorded October 28, 2015 After a battle both with and against Two-Face, Batman teams up with Dr. Fate to battle Equinox. Unfortunately, when the master of equilibrium plummets to his death, the danger has only begun. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 35:24 min. / File Size – 17mb Subscribe via RSS …

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BTBaTB Ep 16: Night of the Huntress!

Recorded April 15, 2015 Blue Beetle develops a crush on an older, yet fatal Huntress, but there’s no time for love when Babyface busts his gang out of prison! In the teaser, Batman teams up with Black Canary to take down Solomon Grundy. – From TV.com Email Eric or Joe. Time – 37:56 min. / …

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