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Farscape Episode 18: A Bug’s Life

Recorded October 17, 2012 When a group of Peacekeepers from a damaged Marauder board Moya, the crew pretend to be a Peacekeeper prison vessel. The Peacekeepers’ secret cargo presents a serious threat when Rygel and Chiana open the container. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. Time – 21:46 min. / File Size – 11mb …

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Farscape Episode 17: Through the Looking Glass

Recorded October 10, 2012 Moya performs an emergency starburst that fragments her into four different dimensions. As John attempts to find crewmembers missing in each dimension, an energy creature appears to add more danger to their predicament. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. Time – 21:55 min. / File Size – 11mb Subscribe via …

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Farscape Episode 16: A Human Reaction

Recorded October 3, 2012 Returning to Earth through a wormhole, Crichton receives an unfriendly welcome but is reunited with his father. Aeryn, D’Argo and Rygel arrive to rescue Crichton but receive less than humane treatment. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. Time – 27:14 min. / File Size – 13mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe …

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Arrow Special

Recorded October 10, 2012 After being stranded on a desert island in the Pacific for five years, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns to his home of Starling City, where he assumes the persona of the crime-fighting vigilante, Arrow. Using skills he developed to survive on the island, Queen takes a stand against injustice to atone …

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Farscape Episode 15: Durka Returns

Recorded September 26, 2012 A collision with a Nebari ship brings a Nebari criminal named Chiana to Moya, along with a mentally cleansed Captain Durka much to the surprise of Rygel. – From Wikipedia Email Eric or Joe. Time – 30:05 min. / File Size – 15mb Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes Play …

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